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Dekalin offers its partners professional analysis, flexibility and reliability. Since customer focus and innovation are essential to maintain and develop these partnerships, we invest in long term cooperation by means of a tuned balance between quality and price.

Wine and Sect Caps

Dekalin is the leading adhesive supplier to the wine- and sect caps industry. Dekalin maintains intensive relationships with machine manufacturers and foil- and ink suppliers. Together with these companies Dekalin's aim is to develop products which follow market demands and the latest developments, e.g. adhesives for new types of foil printing inks. Due to stricter environmental legislations these new inks
will be used to reduce solvent emissions.

Dekalin caps adhesives are solvent containing adhesives based on synthetic rubber and resins. They are used to bond the vertical overlap seam of aluminium and PVC caps for wine- and sect bottles. The bonding takes place on unpainted, painted and printed foils. The quality and base of the paints and inks play a big role on the adhesion performance of the caps adhesive. Therefor preliminary adhesion tests are necessary. Dekalin has the ability and the infrastructure to assist in the selection of the appropriate adhesive.

The caps adhesives are specified and developed in their solvent- and solid content towards the different machine- and foil types. Adhesive types vary for standard machines (up to 120 caps/min.) to fast running machines (up to > 270 caps/min.).
Dekalin's assortment contains five solvent-based adhesives for the aluminium- and PVC caps. Among them is a VOC compliant adhesive for e.g. California, USA. Recently Dekalin introduced a hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive for sparkling and sect caps. For PET foils a special product is available on request.

Cap Adhesive Feature
Dekapren 1513/2 For aluminium structured foils, can cope with larger gaps
Dekapren 1513/4 Most versatile adhesive for aluminium, PVC (and some PET) caps
Dekapren 1518 Lower viscosity than Dekapren 1513/4, VOC approved for California
Dekapren 8882 For PVC shrink caps
Dekapren 8838F For aluminium caps
Dekapren 1023 For aluminium and PVC caps, higher solid content
Dekamelt 8043 For aluminium structured foils

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