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Dekalin offers its partners professional analysis, flexibility and reliability. Since customer focus and innovation are essential to maintain and develop these partnerships, we invest in long term cooperation by means of a tuned balance between quality and price.

General Industry

General Industry is a collective term for a various group of markets where Dekalin products are used, which cannot be placed under our main industries or markets. Modern adhesives, sealants and coatings exhibit a broad range of high initial adhesion and/or final hardening properties and have become increasingly important in modern construction and assembly industry. Dekalin presents a broad range of adhesives, sealants and coatings which meet specific requirements to the utmost. Some overall Dekalin product characteristics:

  • Proven durability;
  • Adjustable for many applications;
  • Various chemistries;
  • Tailor-made solutions;
  • Production approval from many OEM and OES.

Look around trough the different applications and see where Dekalin products are utilized. When your application doesn't show up, feel free to contact our technical sales department, which will assists you with your specific question.

  • 1. Dekaphon ballast tank (BT) coatings

    Dekaphon Ballast Tank (BT) Coatings are oil based, solvent free coatings to protect the (steel) ballast tanks in ships against corrosion. Dekaphon BT Coat can be used on new ballast tanks and on existing coatings. After application the tanks can be ballasted immediately. Dekaphon BT Coat has superb anti-corrosive properties. Although it is guaranteed to offer protection for at least 2 years, results in practice have shown that, with scheduled maintenance, periods of 10 years or longer are common.
    Dekaphon BT Maintenance Coat is recommended for maintenance of ballast tanks which have been treated earlier with Dekaphon BT Coat or equivalent products.
    Dekaphon BT Maintenance Coat floats on the ballast water and deposits itself as a protective coating on adjacent tank surfaces during ballasting and deballasting operations.


  • 2. Table tennis rackets

    A table tennis racket (also called a "bat", "paddle", or "racquet") is used by players in the game of table tennis. The racquet is usually made from laminated wood covered with rubber on one or two sides depending on the grip of the player.
    Normally, a sheet of rubber is bonding to a blade using the Dekapren 357/1. The Dekapren 357/1 is a solvent based adhesive and has a excellent adhesion on many substrates.

  • 3. Butyl sealant for building and construction industry

    Dekalin is offering for the general building and construction industry the Dekaseal 8869 butyl sealant especially desgned for the following applications:

    - Sealing in metal ventilation systems;
    - Fort bedding and sealing between window frames, metal and wood;
    - Sealing between pre-fabricated components;
    - For installation and glazing work and for all types of building components. 


  • 4. Prosthetics applications

    Dekalin has different kind of solvent based adhesives who are used for prosthetics applications. In general they are using thermoplastic materials for manufacturing prosthetic products. Our Dekafix extra has an excellent adhesion on these thermoplastic materials. Another benefit is a fast curing process.

  • 5. PVC swmming pools

    Dekalin has with the Plastigum 77 an excellent solvent based adhesive to bond and repair PVC swimming pools. Plastigum 77 realize a strong and waterthight bonding. You can apply easily the adhesive with a brush.


    - Easy to use;
    - High plasticizer resistance;
    - Temperature resistance up to + 80C;
    - Fast drying.


  • 6. Inflatable boats

    For bonding an repairing inflatable boats Dekalin present the Plastigum 77. The Plastigum 77 has excellent adhesion and has a proven track record in this kind of industry. The bond strength is excellent and you can apply the adhesive with a brush.


    - Easy to use;
    - High plasticizer resistance;
    - Temperature resistance up to + 80C;
    - Fast drying.

  • 7. Sealing of ship windows with butyl tape

    Dekaplast D2 is a sticky, non-hardening, plastic-staying strip, with good adhesion properties. The tape is used and specially designed to seal ship windows.


    - Very good UV resistance and ageing properties;
    - Good adhesion on several substrates without any pretreatment;
    - Can be used within temperatures from -25°C to +100°C;
    - Storage life 1 year;
    - Long-term durability experience.